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ATX PS / AT MOBO - Can I just short the switch so it's always on?

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  • ATX PS / AT MOBO - Can I just short the switch so it's always on?

    Hey guys. I have a coouple questions regarding this setup:

    My mobo is an old Socket 7 PCChips clone that is AT. In order to have the smallest PS I bought this on eBay:

    And I bought this adapter from Directron:

    Now, from what I understood from a post I read here earlier (sorry, I can't seem to find it right now), someone said that you simply connect the green/black wire to a regular AT switch. My question is, since this PS already has a power button in the back, is there a way I can just connect those two cables (green/balck) together so that they are closing the circuit all the time. I could then simply power off the unit from the back or by unplugging my inverter, etc. Also, it would save me from making an extra hole on the plexi case.

    Ok, I think that's all for now. TIA.

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    I guess you know the AT and the ATX PSu are very different from each other as the ATX has the 3.3vdc the AT doesnt have this so in order to make your ATX PSu work on a AT board you will have to rewire the socket which uses AT ...

    Yes you can just cut the pin 14 wire and use it as a on / off button just send ground through the pin14 and the psu will go in for full power...

    But do check the AT requirements and the ATX specs are different .. so when you go in to rewireing you will have Stby , 3.3, as extra lines which the AT boards dont require..




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      Thanks mastero. I found the thread where the details aboout what I want to do are explained, it turned out it was from google not here.

      So, what I plan on doing is; instead of using the AT power button, I will just short the two wires from the ATX/AT adapter to make it always on. Hope it works, I will let you guys know.

      edit: Found a way to phrase it better so it makes more sense to the electronics gurus.:

      Since pin 14 on an ATX can be rigged into a regular ON switch (read: not momentary), I will short together pin 14 and 13 (ground) to make the PS always ON. I think it should work. Like I said before, I'll try it and post the results here.