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    The wiring makes sense to me, but I have another question related to the OPUS (or any card-based DC-DC PSU): where / how do you mount the card itself? Does it somehow fit inside the CPU case like a PCI card? If so, is there a way to attach it or is it loose? If not, where / how do you mount it in the dash so that it is protected?

    [EDIT] And...what is the best way to get the wire from the battery through the car's firewall and into the dash area?


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    I moved your post off the FAQ. The FAQ Emporium is for answers only.
    Ask questions in other forums.

    I mounted my DSATX uby drilling holes in my case where the moutning holes for the DSATX are and secured it using some nylon 1/4" nylon spacers between the DSATX and the case, capped with acron nuts
    Check the link in my sig to my worklog to see some pictures (albeit not very good pictures!)

    The best way to get your cables through the firewall is to pull.
    Seriuously, it all depends on how many wires and the thickness. You may be able to run them through an existing hole int he firewall that's grommeted. If you have a lot of cables or ones that are too thick to go through an existing hole, then you may need to drill your own. Don't forget to put a grommet in there to protect the wires and keep out dirt, water, etc.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Sorry about posting in the FAQ and thanks for the answers - makes sense!


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        Originally posted by Uther View Post
        [EDIT] And...what is the best way to get the wire from the battery through the car's firewall and into the dash area?
        Drill a hole or find an existing hole.

        USE A GROMIT!! I can't stress that enough.

        Yes, wires have protective sheathing on them, but do not rely on this.

        As that wire passes through the firewall throught hat hole in the metal, it will rub and it will cut through that protective sheathing.

        The best way to prevent this is to use gromits around the holes that you drill. I'd also recomend using loom at this point as well as a back up safety measure.
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