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Opus delay jumpers and a toggle switch

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  • Opus delay jumpers and a toggle switch

    I'm thinking of rigging a toggle switch to short my Opus delay jumpers.... That way I could toggle between 20 minutes and no-delay. Short grocery store stop, toggle 20 minutes.... Parking downtown, toggle no delay....

    Anyone see an issue? Think it would be a problem to change the jumpers with PSU on?

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    Nevermind...... Give your opinion, if you wish, but I believe I found the answer.


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      probably what you realized, but in case anyone else has the same question.

      when the opus receives no signal from the ignition wire, then it looks to the jumper settings to determine the shutdown time. you can always keep power to the opus even when the car is off, so your comuter stays on.

      run a thin wire from your battery/distro block to your oups ignition in. (this wire should connect at the same point on the opus as the already installed ignition input.) in the line, put a small toggle switch. normally leave the switch off, so the ignition power only comes from the ignition line. if you get gas/run a quick errand/etc then pressed the switch on. it would allow ignition power to come from the battery/distro and "trick" the opus to thinking that the car was still on. just remember to switch the switch back to off so the opus shuts down when you leave the car.


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        Thanks Freelander....

        Actually, I happened upon numerous posts attempting to do the same... I don't know why I didn't find them before, but you know a search is only as good as the parameters.

        Its actually perfectly safe, endorsed by Opus Tech Support.... to attach a toggle switch (or rotary, if you want multiple time choices) to the delay jumpers. The only caveot is you have to make sure to ground the switch to protect the board from ESD.