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Car PSU HDD and FDD / DVD Power Connectors

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  • Car PSU HDD and FDD / DVD Power Connectors

    So, are most of the HDD and FDD power cables for the car PSUs all 5V? I believe I read that the 2.5" HDDs common to laptops and carputers run off of 5V, whereas a standard 3.5" HDD uses 12V. With that in mind, are the HDD cables set to use 5V or do you really have to split the FDD cable to go to the HDD and DVD? If both are configured for 5V, how are folks connecting their TS to the PSU?

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    dunno where ur getting ur information from..

    but the car psu's output 12v on the molex connectors, not 5v

    yellow = 12v
    black = ground
    black = ground
    red = 5v

    so to get 5v, u just use a red and black

    but yes, 3.5" generally are 12v, 2.5" generally are 5v, and as far as i know, the 2.5" power adaptors end up using the red/black wires and not touching the yellow

    and most touchscreens need 12v, so that means you would tap the positive line from the touchscreen, into the yellow wire, and the ground from the touchscreen to one of the black wires


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      I understand that the molex that connects to the mobo is 12V, but there should be two additional connectors, one for FDD and one for HDD. On a home desktop based PSU, these separate connectors are wired correctly for the appropriate voltage of the connected device, either HDD or FDD. I'm asking if the car PSUs are the same way, or is it a cut and solder job to get the correct connections?