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Carnetix P1900 + P5V + Laptop (90W) + USB + LCD

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  • Carnetix P1900 + P5V + Laptop (90W) + USB + LCD

    I plan on powering my laptop with a Carnetix P1900 and P5V addon to take advantage of a regulated power supply, startup/shutdown control, AND power usb peripherals and LCD. I guess this is a question of will this PS work with my setup, but after reading the manual and realizing I have a lot of concerns about effectiveness.

    The questions I have are:

    1. In the manual it says the 12V secondary draws some power from the primary (19V). Does this mean that when using a the secondary to draw 12V of power, I am limited to a primary of 19V or less?

    2. If I can in fact use 20V primary to power my 20V @ 4.5A laptop (90w total) AND use the 12V secondary to power my LCD (12V @ 1A), will the power supply be able to power enough peripherals in addition to that? It's a 140W maximum output PS/DC-DC regulator. I'm already at about 102W with just the LCD and Laptop. I'd like to power a USB hub, USB soundcard, and external DVD slim drive... and leave room for expansion.

    EDIT: Just noticed my Docking station requires 70W and maxes at 90W (20V @ 3.5A, max 20V @ 4.5A).