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  • Support for the DSATX A+++

    Just another post letting people know about the awesome support that Jeff gives for DSATX users. I was one of the original beta testers last year, and a few weeks later, my car was broken into. Carputer wasn't stolen, but screen was broken. I finally got around to reinstalling this week, but the powersupply wasn't working. I pm'd Jeff, who I live close to, and asked if I could drop it off Thursday night. He said he was busy that night, but to just leave it on the front porch. I did, and pm'd again asking if it could be done by friday night. Even after a busy evening, I got a pm saying it was done late Thursday night. It needed a reflash, and resoldering of a loose part, and now it works perfect!

    Some symptoms I had, in case other people are having problems.

    First it wouldn't work at all unless it was in dumb PS mode.
    After a day of messing with it, even dumb PS mode wouldn't work. It would emit a very quiet chirp, and the motherboard light would keep flashing. I thought the PS supply was toast, but I guess it just needed a reflash.
    Next day, nothing worked.

    Also, during benchtesting if using a standard ac-dc powersupply, make sure you have a minimum load on there. I only had the DSATX hooked up, and it would not work correctly. The computer would begin booting, then reboot at the windows splash screen if the 2 pin power wire was hooked up. If it wasn't hooked up, it would boot into windows after manually powering on the computer, but immediately go into countdown mode. Hooking up an extra hard drive and cdrom to the ac-dc power supply solved this problem.

    Thanks again Jeff

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    Good to know. Just called Mathew today at mp3car store and ordered mine up.

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      I would have to agree. Jeff is awesome. I was having problems with my DSATX firmware on my PSU and Jeff sent me a new one without even one complaint. He goes out of his way to help.

      For all you that are considering a PSU I have to say that the DSATX is ROCK SOLID! Mine has been problem free since he sent a new revised one.


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        I also was one of the original beta testers from last year and i have to agree.

        I am not sure i have ever experienced better support.

        the DSATX is a little wonder.

        good job Jeff!
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          I definitely wanted to compliment Jeff for his technical support...I have had other power supplies and the DSATX far exceeds any of them because you can get questions answered in a matter of hours...Jeff even sent me a power switch cable free of charge because my motherboard required a different one...For all of you shopping for power supplies, consider spending the extra money for the DSATX because it possesses higher quality components and dedicated support...
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            oh yeah, this PS is hands down the nicest. ive tried a few others out there and the features alone are worth the price. hope i dont ever need any tech support but if i do, it looks like i will not have any problems!! very comforting
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              i would agree on ALL of the above..2 months now not even a minor problem..very solid very easy to install..great support ..before and after buying.