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P1900 in Idle State draining power

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  • P1900 in Idle State draining power

    I figured I could use some help from you knowledgable folks. Here is my situation :
    Everything seems to be working fine except that the P1900 continues to supply power even in idle state. In fact, when the turnoff ignition signal is sent, the P1900 power supply led starts blinking (shutdown process is started) the computer goes to hibernation ( the lilliput shuts down aswell). After 1 minute, the P1900 fan stops and the led is off (idle state). However, the DLYON continues to generate 12V (my amp stays on!!!) and the primary output went from 19V to 12V.

    I made sure that Pins 5&6 are NOT jumpered in JP1 (hibernation) on my Carnetix P1900.

    any clues ?