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Laptop Battery Intechangeability/Pinout

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  • Laptop Battery Intechangeability/Pinout

    Hi. I bought a used tablet PC that came without a battery. I intend to use that as my carpc. I do have an extra laptop battery from a broken laptop. That battery I cannot sell because the laptop was not a very known model.

    My question is: can I use that battery to power the tablet pc I bought? This would be a free battery if I can do it. A tablet PC battery runs around $50.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    if the battery is the same output then you should be able to

    mind you, find schematics for each unit, you dont want power going in the wrong way..


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      Where do I get the battery pinout? Is + and - all that I need to hook up?


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        uhh, not necessarily, my laptop has like 9 pins, so i wouldnt be so sure that you only need 2 of them

        some might be so that the computer can determine the charge left, or maybe it has seperate charging pins, dunno

        if u dont wanna use trial and error (which could blow something) find the manufacturers site, see if it has anything