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LCD unit need regulator?

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  • LCD unit need regulator?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that a voltage regulator is recommended even for an LCD but my search on this forum yields nothing of such nature so I'm starting to doubt myself whether I even found that on this forum or if it was another. Might anyone be able to answer this with a simple explanation? Also, I plan on running a gateway laptop as my carputer...should I get a regulator for that as well?

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    a regulator is ALWAYS a good idea, most electronic equipment cant handle surges, or drops in voltage, a 12v LCD screen, should ONLY get 12v, 12v or nothing, more than 12v can burn parts, less can have other undesirable effects

    and a laptop should DEFINATELY have some type of regulator, usually the brick that the laptop has will regulate fairly well, depending what its input voltage is, get a car adaptor for it and you'll be fine