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Opus and Mobo compatability issues

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  • Opus and Mobo compatability issues

    I have an opus 150watt power supply i am putting into a 15inch touchscreen lcd computer all in one. The power suppy that came with the computer has none of the basic ATX features. The only thing other than power is hooked up is standyby 5 volts.

    The pin out follows-
    1- open 11- open
    2- open 12- -12
    3- ground 13- ground
    4- +5 14- open
    5- open 15- open
    6- +5 16- open
    7- ground 17- ground
    8- open 18- open
    9- +5 19- 5v
    10- +12 20- 5

    The computer has no way of turning it off and on without the hard switch to cut the actual 120v coming in. There is no soft power on the mobo or the power suppy for input.

    So finnally my question, is there a way to trick my opus into thinking my soft power was switched, i know the green wire is high when the soft power is of do i need to bring it to ground or -5 to turn the computer on ?

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    Alright well i got the computer to turn on using the opus but since i dont have a soft power out on my mobo i cant use the opus to control start up and shutdown any ideas ?


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      a M2-ATX would prolly be a better power supply for you... with a software/hardware solution for startup/shut down...

      I would put the M2-ATX in dumb power supply mode... and then use some serial port trigger to start or shutdown the computer
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