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Carnetix powering laptop

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  • Carnetix powering laptop

    I have an IBM T23 or T30 laptop that I would like to use in my carputer installation. I'm leaning twords using the carnetix p1900 because it's capable of suppling a 12v to my external hd and a 5v for an external sound card, plus the laptop itself.

    My dillema is that the laptop takes a 16v input and the primary output on the carnetix is 18v. I don't know how much harm 2 extra volts would do but it probably wouldn't be very healthy. Is there a way I can drop this down two volts or am I going about this the completely wrong way?

    I've searched but it just leads me to dead ends. Thanks for the help.

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    I'm pretty certain that the extra 2v would be bad.
    If laptop requires 16v, you need to feed it 16v.

    You might try a vehicle adapter for your make.model laptop. You won't have the startup/shutdown capability, but there are other solutions for that, as well.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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