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Strange power suplly problem.

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  • Strange power suplly problem.

    My system is runnin now about 6 months without any problem.
    But since a week a I have a strange power down problem.

    Everyday on my way to work, after 15 or 20 minutes the PC just shutsdown, and restart right away.It's not a normal XP shutdown, but like if you just disconnect the powersupply

    Strange is that when I drive back home the same happend againg after 15 or 20 minutes.

    Now I think that the problem is my M1-ATX power supply. But before I change it for a M2-ATX I need some advice if my idea is wrigth or if I need to look at somthing else.

    Lets start to mention what I have connected to the M1-ATX:

    VIA EPIA M1000
    512 DDR
    40gb HD
    ATI radeon 7000 PCI
    4.1 PCI soundcard
    7" TFT touchscreen
    2x 40mm fans
    2x 80mm fans
    and since 2 weeks
    HQCT USB radio module.

    Is this just to much for my M1-ATX :? Or is the problem somewhere else.

    M1-ATX gets his 12V , 12V switched and ground from the ISO connector that normally goes in the back of radio on the dash (as I don't have a Hud the connector didn't have nothing to do)

    Now, should I concentrate on de power supply or do I need to connect the 12V directlly from the battery to solve the hard shut down problem???

    PS, if I start my PC whit the engine OFF the system runs only for a maximum of 10 minutes before he stops (Also hard hard shutdown, not the normal way)
    Gods right foot!!

    Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6

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    You could be pushing the M1 a bit far with that lot especially the 12v line but you don't say what kind of HD you are using. Is it a desktop or laptop drive? You might also have some volts drop in there so running the main power from the battery is always a good idea. You can check this with a digital multi meter if you have one. It might also explane the hard shut down when the engine isn't on or that could just be the battery is on its way out or just isn't big enough. A meter will tell you what's up.
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      HD is a 2,5" one.
      About the battery. I will messure this afternoon to see what the output is when the engine is ON but also when OFF.

      But what I don't understand is how can it be possible that there is a lost (at least that is what I think happens for a moment,enough to shutdown the system) of power when the engine is RUNNING.
      Gods right foot!!

      Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6