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M2-ATX Wiring question

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  • M2-ATX Wiring question

    Hi guys,

    I've just received my new shiny M2-ATX for use in my first car PC project and I have a quick question about wiring that someone may be able to help with;

    I'm going to run the +12 and 0V lines straight off the battery (with a fuse in-line) but I'm in two minds as to where to attach the switched (ignition) live, I don't want to do any damage to the fusebox as the car is under warrenty and in the past I've just bummed off the ignition line that my Pioneer head unit plugs into, but I don't want to overload the power draw on that line.

    I guess what the question boils down to is; how much of a draw is there on the ignition line to the headunit? Or is it purely used as a signal line by the M2-ATX?

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    It is used purely as a signal. Tap into whatever is most convenient and don't worry about power draw.


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      Check out
      Find a wiring diagram for your make/model of vehicle.
      Determine a device that's controlled by the ignition.
      Tap into the power for that device.

      Some common places to tap into IGN-controlled 12v:
      Cigarette lighter, headunit, power windows or sunroof

      There is almost no draw on the IGN0-controlled line. It's just used as a sense line.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Brilliant Advice guys!

        I'll post tomorrow to let you know how it goes.
        The meek may inherit the Earth but the Rat's will inherit the meek.


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          so where did u put it?


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            Sorry, been globe-trotting, I ran it off the ACC behind the head unit, having a few problems though as the ECU in my car likes to turn on the ACC line for no apparent reason, even when I'm not in the car, thinking possibly a problem with my headunit.

            I only found out because the CarPC booted me off of MSN messanger when it logged in over Wi-Fi from the parking lot outside my place.

            So I'm gonna stick a toggle switch in the ACC feed to the power supply, that way I can kill it whenever and make sure I don't come back to a dead battery.
            The meek may inherit the Earth but the Rat's will inherit the meek.