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  • voltages

    Hi all,

    I'm testing my carputer at first everything seems to work fine, I boot into windows, but then my HDD resets and my pc lockusup. It must have something to do with the voltages, 'cause I just tried an "normal" AT PSU and the HDD doesn't reset & pc keeps running. So I measured the voltages both my PSU and the AT psu

    my psu +12.4 & +4.96
    AT psu +12.2 & 5.15

    what do you think is the problem is the 12V to high or the 5V to low? Can I affort it to just try to turn up the 5V the 12V will go up also......

    please respond quick, I want to continue!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: voltages

    how is the condition of the battery?

    check heat also!
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      Was there a load on your PSU when you measured these voltages?
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