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Using an UPS in the car instead of a tank circuit?

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  • Using an UPS in the car instead of a tank circuit?

    I have a true sinewave inverter installed in my car, and I would like to use an UPS (TrippLite Omni1000LCD) to help the PC survive crank, as well as shutdown the PC after the car is turned off. Are there any drawbacks (besides inefficiency) to this setup? Is it safe to leave a UPS in the car?

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    I have a UPS in my car, an older model from PK Electronics (now defunct). Only thing you need to do is hack the power switch so the UPS will turn off when the inverter does. Some UPSs do not like inverters, I would test yours first to make sure it doesn't run off the battery with the inverter running.


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      bump! i would like to know other opinions as well.. i can get them cheap from my work and it would be an easy solution to the cranking problems


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        Before you get pwned for not searching, I suggest you please search. I came up with at least 75 threads with UPS in the thread titles. Yes, many pertain to the shipping company UPS, but you'll find all the answers you need.

        There may be some info about UPS in the FAQs as well....

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          Yeah I have thought about this idea . . MY system will be here tuesday. . . The car Is mostly wired for it. . I have been working on it for a few weeks now.
          I have a laptop here i might Run But the p4 that i am getting tuw should be sweet as well. . . I have a UPS and my only thought is that when the battery is low in the ups it is going to take alot off your inverter to run it. . . possible overlaoding the inverter. . .
          im not sure about this. . . Im going to do some more searching. . . . but my general impression of the UPS is that it is going to eat your inverter.. and your replacement and the next one. . . .etc. . .
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            Anyone ever tried to use Stiff Caps

            If you have the space a UPS should be fine, but I think a battery of stiff caps should do. Wire stiff caps in parallel and charge them separately with resistor in series with battery source.


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              The problem with a UPS is that after it shuts down the computer it will remain on thus discharging the UPS battery. Shutting your car off is essentially like a power outage for your UPS if it was installed at home, and this will reduce the battery life.


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                Have used a UPS for awhile now

                Hello there,

                I have been using a UPS for a few months now to power a my 240v class "a" amp/stereo in my car.

                I have tried two different setups, An inverter running the UPS with a battery installed. Usual Method... Car turned off / Inverter goes off.... Battery kicks in & keeps PC Going, Serial port tells pc on battery & starts the shutdown procedure.... All good... But Means methods of turning pc on apart from a 5v logic switch that will pulse the power pin on the motherboard when a car voltage change or ignition is detected.

                If windows hangs & does'nt shutdown....Dead UPS Battery.

                At the moment i am currently running just a UPS in my car.
                The battery removed & my car battery terminals connected inplace of the UPS Battery. I have a switch which is triggered when i start my car which throws a relay & powers on the UPS... This takes bout 3-4 seconds before power is supplied at the 240v... I dont mind the delay at all.

                Find a old UPS With a dead battery, Then do this.... old UPS's r really cheap if not free to find.

                My next step is installing a laptop board or possibly a 12v miniatx board into my car. A usb interface will be built which will operate a C++ or visual basic media player sorta program... So possibly movie player with LCD & controls.

                Variable sensors will be reading in engine temp, oil pressure, speed, light & so on.

                Outputs will be driven by a "Serial In To 8 Parallel Out Latch" Chip to multiply the channels/outputs... Then will be driving relays / solenoids & other devices for such things as boot, lights (& dimming), aircon,heater,music & other controls.

                once done whole setup & software should be recorded down & posted..

                If anyone interested, Contact me via