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Switched live current rating?

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  • Switched live current rating?

    Ok, searched to no avail.

    I'm currently rummaging around behind the dash to find perm and switched lives to power the pc in the boot. (M1-ATX PSU).

    One question, for the switched live, does it PURELY use that for a remote signal and so long as there's current there it allows the pc to run? Ie, very low power.


    Does it need to be 10amp rated to carry some real power through it? I'm running the perm live from a nice high power circuit and fitting a decent in-line fuse on the split.

    Do i need a fuse on the switched live too?

    Any help would be grand. Couldn't seem to find anything this specific anywhere...

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    Yes, it's purely a switched signal.
    And no, there is no need for a fuse.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      excellent, many thanks.

      photos coming soon..


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        if your running that wire from the dash to the trunk a fuse wouldn't be a terible idea really, especially if your going to be taking it off a larger circiut... the fuse is not to protect the power supply, more the wire itself.... it's not uncommon for a wire run like that to get pinched really, & a fuse can be a good thing in a situation like that... if your tapping a smaller circiut then the circuits fuse itself may be good enough, but if you tap a larger circiut with a smaller wire, the wire could actually burn before a fuse blows, burnt carpet isn't a good smell really, niether is a burnt car... if in doubt, a fuse is cheap insurance...
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          a fuse it is then