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New Carnetix P2140

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  • New Carnetix P2140

    Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so here goes.

    Has anyone checked out the new Carnetix DC power supply? I see it's available in the store for $135

    Like the other Carnetix products, it's not an ATX type supply, but provides regulated power for a standard non-regulated ATX supply as well as other outputs for your monitor or USB devices.

    What makes it different is the USB interface for monitoring/programming with their PSUmoni application.

    On my wish-list.
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    I have one sitting here, waiting to test...I just need something to test it

    Looks pretty interesting to say the least!
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      Since you guys broght it up.....

      I think you'll like it.


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        That is AWESOME!! I want one.
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          I've had mine for a few weeks but I'm still working on infrastructure. Hope to install the PSU within a week. I also ordered the 5 VDC add-on regulator. I'll use that for the USB hub and config the PSU for 18.5 and 12 VDC.

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            trying to figure out what i need to connect to a standard ATX motherboard
            Yay for Carputers
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