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Touchscreen Issues w/Hibernation & CNX-P1290

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  • Touchscreen Issues w/Hibernation & CNX-P1290

    My current setup uses my M2-ATX to power the CarPC, Xenarc Monitor and one 4-port USP hub. The system performs well, but here are my issues:

    1) The PC has had some slight stability issues which can be solved by removing the power drain of the Xenarc and USB hub (even though it is small).

    2) The Monitor stays on when I turn off the car until the PC has completed it's hibernation cycle (this really bugs me).

    I want to use the CNX-P1290 to power my monitor and usb hub in "dumb" mode (i.e. I will not use the shut down controller function since I don't want/need it for the monitor & USB hub). My concern is USB/hibernation issues when power is secured to the monitor prior to the computer going into hibernation and power being supplied to the monitor before the computer comes out of hibernation.

    I did some testing with cycling power to the monitor using the power button on the monitor while the PC was on. As expected, the USB for the touchscreen disconnected, but promptly came back when I turned power back on. Is there any reason to believe I will have any USB/hibernation issues with my monitor if I use the CNX-P1290 to power my monitor?