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M2-ATX power issue when car start

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  • M2-ATX power issue when car start

    straight to the point. The computer will loose power and restart/reboot when I try to start the car.


    2800 AMD Sempron
    512mb ram
    40gb hdd
    micro atx m/b

    Im a bit sus on the battery, perhaps it could be on its way out. However i understand that the m2-atx is supposed to be prone to engine cranks?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    The M2ATX will survive an engine crank.
    Your battery could be an issue, certainly. In fact, it's a very likely cause.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Hi, wow that was a quick response. Yeah i searched through this whole forum and couldnt find really anything relating to my issue. I will try a new battery and see how i go with that.


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        Sorry for my english I am from KG.
        Ok - here is two ways:
        1. - Yours battery isn't conditional, and when you try to start your car, the battery can't give enough power to starter and M2! Then you must charge battery or just change this battery - take a new one
        2. Maby Yours carpc needs more powerfull power supply, then use another psu

        I think, you have the 1-st way...
        Good Luck
        400Watt CarPC power supply for powerfull systems- thaks for Beta testers- it was perfect.

        Remember - AMD Athlon XP (socket A) powers from 5v rail in most times !