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Power Supply wire color code?

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  • Power Supply wire color code?

    Is there a certain code to the wires that come out of ATX/AT power supplies? I know that on a molex connector its

    Y B B R
    12 Gnd Gnd 5

    But what about on the attachment to the motherboard? Here's why I'm asking: I bought a character LCD that needs -5v on top of 5 and Gnd. I was told to just splice it into the white wire on an ATX connection and that it will supply my -5v. However, on my box im using for my setup I've got a funny power supply. Its connector is neither standard AT or ATX. Reading the label tells me that it supplies -5v at 0.1a, this should be fine for my setup. But should I assume that the white wire is my -5? Before you ask, No. I do not have a DMM at my house. I've googled my *** off trying to find out more about my supply (Delta Electronics Model: DPS-100TB-3 A) and have found nothing. Is white the standard -5v connection on power supplies?

    - JustAGuy

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    check sproggy's documents, particularly the doc of v2.6 power supply. It shows the color code and voltages for the ATX plugs
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