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Itx PSU, DC-DC, good for car?

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  • Itx PSU, DC-DC, good for car?

    I found this a few days ago, and it will have the juice to run a VIA chipset with passive cooling.

    This is a case with a built in PSU.

    Here we are.

    Thank you.

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    Special design for low power consumption motherboard
    Not sure how good it is, doesn't say the spec of the PSU anwhere, if your systems relatively low spec you should be OK.
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      I was going to run a sound card, and a pc HD, say 40 gig, and a slot load dvd drive. Also a lcd screen, but i can plug that to the battery, and not the PSU

      Also, i was wondering how to connect it to the battery....

      not that great with power supplies in cars.

      the motherboard is here:


      Passive cooling, no need for fans... Very low power consumption.



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        try using the search function there are currently active threads on this very topic. If you took 30 seconds to look around.

        I have the same board and case. It uses two fans, one system fan and one fan on the cpu.

        The psu is not powerful enough to do a desktop HDD and a regular DVD it MIGHT be able to do a slim and a desktop HDD..

        I would recomend using a laptop HDD.

        Also you need to find a way of getting 12v 4.5a regulated power to it. I've been looking for a long time now and I haven't found a simple solution yet.

        The psu peak is 60w.. you will not find it very flexible

        It should work great if you are using low power stuff though.

        And why would you use a pci card in it? it has on board everything? If you aren't going to use it for it's extremely small size find a cheaper board and get a seperate cpu.. you will be better off.

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