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Dilemma!!!! Need Help Please!

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  • Dilemma!!!! Need Help Please!

    Ok, so i have a carnetix p1900 and i soldered on the ACPI wires to the power buttons. i know i have the right soldering points and i got the wires soldered ont here but after its soldered in and i double check the connections making sure there is continuity when i pusht he button, i check it again and it shows continuity without pushign the button. the area is duct taped down entirely. there are no loose or extra slack of wire or any movement of the wires. laptop was left opened and still somehow the there is now continuity.

    Ive resoldered it about 10 times already and the same thing keeps happening. ive even use different soldering pads (seems that the ones diagonal from each other are the ones that have continuity when you push the button) and it still seems to have continuity after i leave alone.

    What can be causing this? i had the laptop setup on the floor and connected the soldered wires to a multimeter and it showed no continuity when left alone and continuity when the button is pushed. then i come back to check on it and BAM! theres continuity without touching the damn button.

    Can anyone chime in?

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    ok i tried something new... i was thinking about what i usually do after i solder the wires in. i usually check to make sure the powerboard wasnt damaged or anything so i usually pop the battery and hit the power button. i jsut resoldered the leads again to one of the points that were giving me continuity like explained above (for some reason i have to switch to the other combination and if i check to see if the initial one works, it give me continuity still)

    this is driving me nuts! but anyways i soldered on the leads to the other combo and it give me no continuity when left alone and continuity when the button is pushed. i made sure the connections were on good and left it ont eh floor with the multimeter plugged in so in the morning ill see if its doing it again.This time i didnt put any power into it so well see if thats whats causing it.