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really wierd power problem and radio

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  • really wierd power problem and radio

    Hi everyone, i was hoping maybe some of you could shed light on a problem that I am having.

    I have my car pc's audio going the through the auxillary input on my Head Unit. I have my carpc's power hooked up to the same positivie lead as my amp and the ground is in a good spot. I am running the m2-atx psu. If I decide to switch to my radio, it is as though my antenna is not plugged in. The other day I did a test where I shut off the carpc while my radio was on and after i shutdown the carpc I recieved static-free radio!

    What could be causing this problem? Please help, thank you!


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    Originally posted by ideal2545 View Post
    What could be causing this problem?
    There's some RFI that's interfering with your radio signal.
    Make certain the antenna is securely conencted and that there are no power cables running near the antenna cable. That should help.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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