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  • Warm power wires

    I've noticed that my REM/IGN wire from my distribution block to my CarPC gets warm to the touch while the PC is running, as do the small wires on my power plug*. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Seems weird to me.

    * My PC's +12v and ground wires are 8 awg wire from my distribution blocks until about 2" from the standard ATX power plug, where they are soldered to the stock (~16 awg) wires. The 2" of smaller wire is where it gets warm.

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    No it is not normal.

    It means you are pulling too much amperage for the gauge of wire you are using.

    But I don't understand how you have it wired.

    From the battery distribution block it is 8 gauge until you hook up to a standard ATX power plug?

    That is the part that doesn't make sense. Are you saying you have a little power plug, with little wires hooked up to the 8 gauge wire...and that little power plug is attached to your DC/DC power supply?

    My OPUS 120 has 2 12gauge (approx) for the 12v positive and 2 for the 12v negative leads...anything smaller will not handle the 15 amps of power (according to opus).

    I am guessing your wiring, but the 8 gauge wire should go directly to the power supply +12v middle man. (after the fuse at the battery of course).
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      I kinda figured that. I'm using the standard ATX power plug for convenience. I'll try taking the plug apart and solder the 8 awg wires onto the pins.

      But why is my REM wire getting warm? I thought it pulls less than 1 amp, just to turn on the PSU, which is why 18 awg is all that's necessary. That's most of what has me puzzled.

      I'm pretty sure that my wires are correct. If I switch my +12v with the REM wire, the M2 starts up immediately, without delay. But in the current configuration it turns on and off with the IGN -- the shutdown modes don't work at all. I have a feeling that the REM wire getting hot has something to do with this.