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    OK, hello guys.

    Well... here I am ready to embark on the wonderful journey that is to build a MP3Car....

    It's pretty easy for me to get all the parts I need here in Malaysia... except for one LITTLE thing....

    I'm not exactly sure what are the specific specifications for a power inverter which I'd want to get? Can anyone give me an idea of what to look for? Also I'll need to.. errrr... install a noise reduction circuit or something???

    The power is the only thing I haven't figured out yet... I'm computer savy... not car savy...

    so some pointers please?

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    the easiest is to get a ready made power supply like the PC Power And Supply 12V input one
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      sorry.. won't be able to do that here... will have to go with finding an inverter and do any necessary mods...


      • #4 from Malaysia too. Me and few others are in the process of setting up our systems. Drop me a PM and i think i can help you out.

        by the way...where in malaysia are you?

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