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Computer powers down when cranking.

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  • Computer powers down when cranking.

    And it's not what u guys and gals are thinking.
    I have a 12-220 transformer in my car, connected to my PC.
    It works perfectly, with no alternator whine at all, and it even survives cranking.

    There is however 1 problem.
    I have installed a shutdown controller, that is publicised somewhere on this forum (the 1 connected to pin 4 of the serial port, using the Windows UPS service)

    Now when i crank the car, the computer reboots, because the relay loses power, thus initiating the shutdown procedure.
    Is there anyway i can build in a delay so that when i do actually turn off the car the shutdown controller shuts down (say after 30 seconds of no power to the relay) but doesnt shut down when cranking.
    I'm thinking a cap or something like that.

    Can anyone here help me with this, as its actually the only problem i have, and its preventing me from calling my setup perfect for me.