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Factory A/C switch + relay= inverter power switch

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  • Factory A/C switch + relay= inverter power switch

    Get this guys, im going to use my factory a/c switch hooked up to a relay to turn the power on to the inverter.

    A friend of mine is going to help me wire it up. He said the better way to wire the switch to the relay would be to have ground run to the relay to close the circuit. i guess its safer then running power through a factory switch

    Let me know what you guys think....

    and i think were going to have the light function as well to indicate power.

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    That sounds cool. Let us know how everything goes....
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      I'm assuming that your air conditioning doesn't work, and you're not planning on fixing it since you're taking the switch out? It's a pretty clever idea, but honestly I couldn't live without air conditioning in the summer down here. As for the +12v vs ground going thru the switch, the result will be the same. Current is current, regardless of which side of the load the switch is on. Either way should be fine, since a relay should pull less than 500 mA anyway.

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        Maybe the aircon wasn't ever fitted?

        If he's Brit then it's not uncommon for our Jap cars to have the button but no mechanism. The only time we ever need aircon is to demist the flamin' windows in the morning.

        Where abouts are you CT?
        Nice you had a free button too. I had to mount an extra one to power my relay.


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          what i would do is, run the power for the inverter off the battery but i would use something that only comes on when the key is in the acc or ign for the relay trigger. something like the cigarette lighter for instance.


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            I can do that, but i like the idea of being able to shut the car off, and have it still running. Im going to be doing some real-time engine management, and you need to be able to shut the car off, load the tune, and turn the car back on.

            My cig lighter is constant from the factory.

            Im also going to want the light for the a/c switch to go on when i turn my inverter on. Do you guys have any idea how the wiring goes for that?

            Im from Connecticut.

            I did an engine swap in my car, and there is no room for the a/c compressor. trust me, if i could have kept the a/c, i would.