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What are the ATX DC to DC power supply options?

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  • What are the ATX DC to DC power supply options?

    Before I get flamed and get told by 100 people to use the search function, can we just sum up all of the possible DC to DC ATX power solutions in one thread.

    The only two solutions I can come up with are either the sproggy mark 2.6 power supply (if you can get all the parts from online electronic supply stores) for about $100 or so...or the Keypower ATX DC to DC power supply for around $180 or so.

    Is their any solutions that I am leaving out?
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    There is the one at Pc Power and Cooling $129.00


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      Well that weird.... the PC Power one was $109 two weeks ago. It was $149 about 3 months ago..... up and down


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        Does anybody have any experience with the PC Power one? That looks like a good unit that I might go for. Would that be powerful enough to run an Athalon 1.4?



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          A 1.4ghz in a carputer? Isnt that a bit of overkill? And the PC Power and cooling is supposed to be what? a 100W PSU? Just a 1.4 tbird will take 65W.

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            If you are running 1.4ghz tbird you are probably going to want a pretty heafty supply... at the very least 250w.. good luck!
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              I would say No, on using the PC Power one for a system that power hungry. I personally have gome through 3 of the PC Power units, each lasted about 1 day.

              I still have yet to figure out what killed them, I think the heat, but I am the sole holder of that opinion. I am kinda also thinking my system (a lot lower wattage demand than yours) might have been pulling to much amperage for it.

              Just my two cents.