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Is this a PS problem?

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  • Is this a PS problem?

    I have a CarPC on a 100W DC-DC converter. It's a little temperamental. For example, half the time it won't detect the CDROM when booting. If it does detect the drive, and there's disc in it, it won't finish booting and it'll just start over, and over and over. I just added 256MB SDRAM for a total of 512 and now it won't get past the memory check - just freezes. What's up with that? And how much is it going to cost me? I know I know, I should check it with a 120V PS and see what happens.

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    What you said, try another PS. But I think the problem is not there.
    Can be the cabling (too long, too short, lose cable, not 80 wired cable), the BIOS settings (LBA enable, communication speed), bad jumpers (some drive need to know whether it is master or slave).
    Try to change IDE1/IDE2 connectors. Try to apply the same cable for both devices.
    Play with the bios settings, do not allow AUTO, do it manually.

    Try to boot from a pendrive. Does it boot from a HD alone?
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