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Opus 250 24 pin to 20 pin

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  • Opus 250 24 pin to 20 pin

    I just bought a Opus 250 from here and am having some trouble. the main power supply connector is a 24 pin but I need a 20 pin. can i simply cut away the 4 pins that i do not need or is there another solution.any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not entirely sure of your question - Were you supplied with a cable to connect to your motherboard? My Opus 120W has a 24pin connector on the power supply also. It came with a cable that has a 24 pin connector on one end (plugs into the power supply) and a 20pin ATX connector on the other end (along with a P4 power connector and 2 5.25" 4pin molex power connectors)


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      My 250 watt Opus came with a 24 pin on one end that connects to the power supply and a 24 pin on the other end that connects to the motherboard. My motherboard only accepts 20 pin connectors. does that help? Can i simply cut the 4 pins that i do not need of or do I need a adapter of some sort.


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        I found this post ( with someone with a similar problem... May be worth a read

        A 24pin (ATX v2.x) connector is essentially the same as a 20pin (ATX v1.x) connector, with 4 extra wires (Yellow (12v), Orange(3.3v), Red(5v) and Black(Ground)) at one end. I guess it's possible to cut these 4 pins off to convert to a 20pin.

        Check out the wiring diagrams on for the 24pin ( and the 20pin ( connectors. You'll need to cut off pins 11,12,23,24 (yellow,orange,red and black, respectively). Check out the the pinout for the ATX v2.x (24pin) on - just make sure you're looking at the pinout for the PSU cable, not the motherboard. You'll figure it out from the colours anyway...

        Another option is to pop the cables out from the 24pin connector using a precision screwdriver and just put the appropriate wires in the correct place on a new 20pin connector (or scavenge one from an old psu)

        Hope it helps... Let me know if you want anything clarified, I'll do my best