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Installing Carnetix P-1900 in Volvo V70

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  • Installing Carnetix P-1900 in Volvo V70

    I'm preparing to install a P-1900 to power a Mac Mini in my 2007 Volvo V70 wagon with premium sound. I'll be using the Mac Mini mainly to output iTunes to my HU-850 headunit via an iMIV through the rear MELBUS cable. I'm planning to install the Mac in the space where the DVD player would usually be installed in the rear. I'll control it via remote control app in iphone. The 12V and 5V outputs will likely power USB hubs.

    Here's my issue: I've been talking to my local Volvo dealer, who has been very helpful with parts, etc but so far are not willing to install the power wiring into the Rear Electronics Module (REM). I believe that I can get the little connectors that fit into the slots in the REM, and crimp these onto the Carnetix power wires. But, I don't know which open slots I could use for each wire.

    Can anyone give advice on whether I can plug the Carnetix power harness directly into the REM, and which openings I should use for switched and unswitched (yellow and red) wires? Do I need to swap out the fuse for that slot? Does this require a software upload? I'm assuming I'll run the ground wire to the battery ground.

    And, will the Pulse Start connection work easily with the REM? Seems like a nice feature if I could connect it easily.

    Lastly, will the Delay ON feature work with the OEM Volvo amp? What type of wire and connector should I use to connect the P-1900 with the "remote enable" input?

    Thanks in advance for your input, and please pardon my cluelessness.