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p1900 and battery connection

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  • p1900 and battery connection


    I just connected the p1900 cables to the car battery as the following :

    2 red cables to + battery
    2 black cables to - battery

    I skip the other cables, now my mac mini working well but when I switched off my car the mac mini still working but I can turn it off by the switch. the problem is the p1900 still working while the car are switched off and I can see the red light also the fan is working. so what I have to do to link starting p1900 with the car and switched off also with the car.

    another query
    if I keep the connection as it is now, is it kill my car buttery if the p100 light and fan working while the car are switched off ?

    My car toyota 2009 working with push switch key less

    note: I don't have good knowledge with electricity so kindly explain to me easily.

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    I suggest reading the manual for the P1900.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I have read it but I want some help to connect the yellow cable ( ignition ) where I should connect it and what is the benefit of connect it and ad the valet switch because it is shown optional.
      also the blue cable +12V where I should connect it

      finally the red and black is should be be connect only one red to the battery and one black to grand and leave the second black and second red ?


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        I found the yellow cable in my car it is with car audio player cables.


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          Originally posted by DohaDesigner View Post
          I skip the other cables
          Well, there's your problem! You didn't hook up the wire that signals the P1900 to startup and shutdown the Mac Mini!

          You say you "found" the yellow cable. Does that mean you found a wire that is yellow or does it mean you tested it to see if it is 12 volts when the car is on and 0 volts when the car is off?

          You don't need the blue cable unless you have an amplifier that is going THUMP! when you turn the Mac on.

          The other red and black wires are for redundancy. I you only have a Mac Mini hooked up and aren't drawing large amounts of power from the P1900, you don't need them, but they are always nice to have. Hook them to the same place as the original red and black wires.

          The FAQs cover a valet switch, but here's what it does. It interrupts the signal on that yellow wire. It keeps the Mac from starting up. You may want to do this if you have a valet park your car because he/she will play around with the system and/or they will start and stop the car within a minute, which may cause your computer to not shut down and drain your battery.
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