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P1900 Mac Mini and a Dead Battery

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  • P1900 Mac Mini and a Dead Battery

    Hi Guys,

    I have been having an issue of late with my G4 PPC Mac Mini killing my battery overnight when it goes into standby mode. So I modified the kernel to add Safe Sleep/Hibernate as an option. However, because I am an idiot, when I installed the Mac Mini I buried the P1900 behind the dash, and I still have the P1900 set up to go into standby mode not off. So now when the Mac Safe Sleeps the P1900 is still slightly powered up, but the Mac is off. Weirdly my Firewire Sound card(Griffin Firewave), is still powered up, has a little blue light illuminated. Using safe sleep appeared to have fixed my problem for a while, however...

    Even with the Mac going into Safe Sleep/Hibernation/OFF, my battery is still dead in the morning. Could this be attributed to my Mac Mini setup, or do you think my issues could be external to the carPC system?


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    Safe sleep is akin to Windows 7 hybrid sleep than hibernate. The Mac stays on in sleep mode unless power is interrupted and still draws the same amount of power as sleep mode. If you change the settings on the P1900 to shut off when the car is off then your CarPC won't be drawing power anymore.

    If sounds like your battery may be old as well. 12 hours of sleep mode/standby shouldn't kill it depending on the draw.