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    Ok just one last thing here as a wire up the input and output harness. I see that the carnetix outputs actually 0.5V over actual rating to make up for wire loss. Well my carnetix is right next to the laptop and maybe has only 6 inches of wire added onto the original harness will this 19.5V be too much for my acer or should I try the 18.5V? Laptop measure 19.0V on the original power brick.

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    Also when wiring the harness for the output, I used only 1 of the primary wires for my laptop and the single secondary for my screen. 1 ground wire on each of the outputs. I guess the other primary is not needed in my case and can just be covered up on the end. I also have a question for the input harness. I see that there is 2 12V battery and 2 grounds. Should I tie in both pairs to a single wire on the battery for both positive and negative or just use 1 of each and cover up the others at the end?


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      Didn't get a response for the second question so I went ahead and tied both input wires 12V and grounds to one single wire to the battery and to negative battery.

      I've got it hooked up to a battery that i pulled out of the car for test purposes.

      The battery reads 13.3V

      The Primary output jumpered to 19V output was reading 20.3V

      The Seconday output jumpered to 12V output was reading 12.3V This is perfect since my LCD monitor cable was reading 12.3V before I hacked it.

      Here are some pictures to show its jumpered correctly. Click thumbnail.

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        i think it that it should be fine.

        there are plenty of carnetix users--many with units requiring 19v(there are many of those 19v atom motherboards), and they don't have any problems, or somehow, all the users have never posted complaints of this..

        your lilliput will work off 5-15v power, but for consistency, it is always recommended to connect to a regulated source. so the 12.3v is well within range.
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