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P1900 to power ZOTAC IONITX-T-U and 7" Element LCD

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  • P1900 to power ZOTAC IONITX-T-U and 7" Element LCD

    I'm planning to buy the P1900 to power a ZOTAC IONITX-T-U motherboard and 7" Element LCD. The Zotac uses a 19V AC power adapter with the barrel connector, and the LCD uses 12V from its own AC power adapter also. Will the P1900 be able to power both the Zotac PC and the LCD with different voltage on each?

    If yes, what cables do I need to buy so I don't have to splice existing wires?

    If no, what are my other options to power both devices and still have shutdown/startup controller?

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    The P1900 can power your zotac box and your screen no problem, and if you get the 5v add-on you can power a hub as well. You should'nt need any extra cables to connect your zotac and screen, but if you want 5v too, you just need this Hope this helps SNO


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      That's good to know. What cables does it comes with? I need two sets of wires with barrel connectors, one for the Zotac and one for the LCD, like this ONE. Does the P1900 comes with these?


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        You will need to cut the barrel plugs off the powerbricks and make the connections to the p1900, I think you can get the aopen cable set that might fit the zotac. If you don't want to cut the zotac powerbrick. SNO


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          Thanks. I think I'll just cut off barrel plugs from old unused power bricks I have. One unrelated question, is there a good online place to find 90 degree adapters?


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            I would just suggest your local radio shack for 90 degree adapters, but personally, I hate adapters. They add too much bulk, but the alternatives are tricky (I'm molding custom plugs after removing the barrels and wires from the existing plastic).


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              Just an update, so I bought the P9100 and installed and got it working. I have a problem and I hope someone can help me.

              The problem is if I turn my key to Accessories without starting the engine, the carPC powers up and everything works as expected. But after about 20-30 seconds, the carPC goes back to sleep on its own. This does not happen if I start the engine, which the carPC never go to sleep on its own.

              So it seems that maybe the P9100 run state detects less than 10.6V and put the computer back to sleep when the engine is not running. I have a Toyota Tacoma and it has a big strong battery, but it is also powering the carPC and two amplifiers. One amp is for the 4 speakers and another dedicated amp for the subwoofer. If this is the problem, is there a way to disable the 10.6V force shutdown detection? Or bump it up to 11V or 12V instead of 10.6V.

              If the problem is something else, then please advise. Thank you.


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                It really sounds like a power issue, or lack of. Can you put a meter in-line to see what kind of power you really have when the computer shuts down after the 20-30 secs. Sounds like the amps are drawing too much power for the reserve capacity of the battery. Just my 2 cents SNO


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                  That 10.6v is a lower limit. Basically, if the power drops below that voltage, it shuts off to save your battery.
                  If you INCREASE that limit, the PC will shut down earlier.

                  That indicates you're not able to sustain 10.6v or greater from the battery. That could resistance in your wiring, but it could also mean your battery isn't as strong as you believe it is.
                  SNO has the right idea to test the voltage on all your power lines, both constant and switched.
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

                  Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                    Oops, I meant decrease the limit, not increase. Thanks DarquePervert. But is there a jumper setting to change the shutdown limit on the P9100?

                    I found out whats draining the battery, it's the headlights. I have the headlights on at all times, even during the day. So with headlights off when switched to ACC, carPC stays on. As soon as I switched headlights ON, carPC shutsdown after 15 secs or so.

                    Right now, the P9100 is getting power directly from the stock head unit wire harness, although stock head unit is removed and not in used. Would running a separate positive line straight from the battery to the P9100 help? Is it possible that the headlights and the stock head unit share the same amps?

                    Thanks guys for the help.