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P1900 Power Output Flaky?

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  • P1900 Power Output Flaky?

    I've had my P1900 for a few years and have enjoyed it, for sure!
    I was using it to support a converted Dell laptop that needed 18v power. The hd & motherboard died a few months ago, so I changed the power output to 19V so it would power my five year old Gateway laptop. At first there was no problem, it would power the computer reliably. I hope to also reinstall my 8.4" Lilliput touchscreen, but haven't gotten that far yet.
    The other day, I drove from Cleveland to Indianapolis, and my laptop was powered great. I stopped a couple times, turning off the engine without doing anything to the P1900 or laptop. But on one of these stops, something changed, and ever since, the P1900 will not reliably charge the laptop. I checked my inline fuse, no problem. Checked the car battery, it's great. I check the P1900 startup routine, no problem. The laptop works great wherever - but without the P1900 charging it, it dies in less than an hour of use. I checked the power cable to the laptop - it could be a problem, except for what happens. The battery charging light on the laptop will light up for a couple seconds, then stay off for a while, then come back on - a clear pattern that doesn't point to some random wire issue.
    Any thoughts? Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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    It might be the fact that the battery in the 5 year old laptop is done like dinner. That can give you the kind of symptons you are having. Just a thought SNO


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      Thanks for the thought! I just remembered that in my original setup, I didn't have a battery connected at all. I'll try that & see what happens