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How does p1900 power supplies work with a laptop

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  • How does p1900 power supplies work with a laptop


    I am wondering how to connect the P1900 to a laptop.
    Exactly how does the power cord from the laptops transformer connect to the p1900? Is there a three pronged female plug on the p1900?

    How does the p1900 turn the laptop on? Do I have to solder some wires from the p1900 to the power button on the laptop or is there a way to have the laptop auto power on (from a full off state) when AC power is detected by the bios (is that even possible with laptop bios)? Id rather not hack the power button If i don't have to as Id like to be able to remove the laptop from the vehicle and use it normally if I have to.

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    I'm also curious as to how it directly connects as I'm new to this whole scene. However I was looking on the laptop-specific forum section and saw a post about extending your power switch without rendering the original one useless. It's pretty seamless and I'm in the process of modifying my laptop just the same. You can find that post here:


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      I tried to reply earlier so if it actually double posts, my bad.

      I'm curious as to how I attach a laptop to this power supply as well, considering it is my best option with the dual output and optional third. As for modifying your power button; I recently found a tutorial on extending the power button without destroying the old one and keeping your laptop looking entirely normal. It involves adding a standard 3.5mm female stereo jack connected to the original power button. It can be found here: