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  • P2140 Windows 7

    I have a P2140 powering a D945GSEJT running Windows 7. The secondary output on the p2140 has nothing on it, and the remote on cable or whatever it's called is connected to the amp.

    It's connected to the MB using this: (which is just a cable running from the PC's power switch jumper to the P2140, as well as the plug in cable for the MB) as well as a USB cable.

    The PC *usually* turn son without a problem. The problem is, when I turn the car off, I can't get the PC to cleanly shut down, or hibernate, or standby. From what I can tell (which isn't much since the screen turns off as soon as I turn the ignition off), the power for the PC seems to cut as soon as the P2140's 45sec delay runs out. The PC doesn't seem to have received any instruction to shutdown or anything at this stage, so every time I boot, I get the safe mode prompt, etc. I think what should happen is, when I turn the ignition off, after 45 secs, the P2140 should push the power button on the PC so that it starts going into hibernate, then once in hibernate the P2140 should shut off.

    I've tried setting Windows to both allow and not allow hybrid sleep. I've got the Power and Sleep buttons set as "Hibernate" in Windows. In PSUMoni, I've tried a lot of combinations of settings, with both ACPI/USB on and off.

    Has anyone got the P2140 working "properly" in Windows 7, and if so, could you post your configuration?

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    I have had the same sort of issues, I realized that Psumoni had to be the active window to put the puter into standby. Just yesterday downloaded an app from the carnetix site that is supposed to work, haven't tried it yet tho.
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