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P2140 SLOW! timer and ACPI question.

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  • P2140 SLOW! timer and ACPI question.


    I have purchased p2140 few days back. product quality is awesome and it does really worth the $ that I paid for it.

    but there is few things that made me disappointed. before I purchase it I thought there is two ACPI outputs, one is a relay contacts and one is the technology that was in M2 PSU too (the one that discharge the line to ground...)

    so I thought I can use the relay contacts to turn on and off my motorized LCD (because it does not automatically flip out by turning the ignition on) and then use the other normal one to turn on the pc... but now I have found that there is only one output that can be either relay or other ACPI. right?
    I have to use relay contacts for LCD power button because it uses resistive technology and I cannot use a capacitor and resistor to simulate a momentry push button.

    now here is my question, how can I activate the ACPI relay option? so I can connect for example green cable to a 12v line and connect a two-contacts relay to while line, so when ever ACPI relay contacts get close, my two-contacts relay operates and close its contacts so I can have two outputs, therefore, I can use of the contacts for my LCD and the other for the PC...
    Is that possible?

    My last question is that in the first day, P2140 was working perfect but as soon as I got it into the car, its timer started to count really slow!!! I compared the timer that psumoni shows in top right hand side of the window with my cellphone timer, I found every second of p2140 is equal to 6~7 actual seconds....

    Sorry in advance for my weak English and I would greatly appreciate any help...
    There is nothing impossible in the world :-)