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CNX-P2140 intel mac mini not working

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  • CNX-P2140 intel mac mini not working


    Anybody using the CNX-P2140 on an intel mac mini? Mine boots up fine but shuts down after a minute or so with the LEDs in the CNX-P2140 flashing.

    I believe I have all the jumpers set correctly:

    JP1: 18.5
    JP2: +5 (Although I don't have this output hooked up to anything yet)
    JP3: Default
    JP4: Config 1
    JP5: Mac mini Intel
    JP6: Default

    I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop so no joy on the included software for softjumpers etc.

    For testing I have the CNX-P2140 wired up to my subwoofer amp. +12 to +12, gnd to gnd, and the yellow "ignition" wire connected to the amp control wire coming from my head unit. Guess I should have tested that but I'm assuming that is at +12 as long as the head unit is on.

    Any ideas?