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Not enough power on secondary output??

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  • Not enough power on secondary output??

    I'm coming from my P2140 12V secondary output to my Xenarc 7" touchscreen. This gives me a crazy amount of lines going through my screen. Is this too much power, or lack of power coming from the P2140?

    thx mc

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    No, it's either RFI or a grounding issue.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      If your screen is a 12V model then it will only draw as much power as it needs. It can never get fed "too much power" only too much voltage.

      Which Xenarc 7" do you have ?
      Most only draw upto [email protected] but the 706TSA draws upto [email protected] which is a lot closer to the maximum secondary output of the P2140 being [email protected]

      Check your output is set to 12V and not 5V and also that there is no AC voltage on it from a faulty component. What does your PSUmoni power supply monitoring application show ? You should make sure all the indicator pointers are in the green zones.

      Have you tried powering the screen from the mains adapter ?
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        Just got my monitor back issue still exists

        My Xenarc is Model # - 705TSV
        which is 9V - 30V i believe
        I don't use PSUMoni because it doesn't work in Windows 7. I do however, have the tray app installed now which might work i will check all the outputs if i can.. Otherwise I will hook my p2140 up to XP machine.
        Not sure that I still have the adapter that came with the monitor. Does it have a filter on it? That might be my problem as well. Anyways i'll update tn


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          now i get blue screen of death when i try to install the new drivers for my P2140 argggg. . hopefully ill get some time to taking it out


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            I use the drivers that come with the tray app. they are Win7 compatable. I even can get Psumoni to run using those drivers
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