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P2140, Zotac ND22 Box, Soldering Help

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  • P2140, Zotac ND22 Box, Soldering Help

    Hey all, I have some very broad soldering questions, so I'm hoping you can at least figure out what it is I'm trying to say. I've been searching around the forums for a few days now trying to figure out what I need to do to solder wires to the power button of this setup:

    I should also say that I purchased the p2140 with the additional wiring to connect it to my case here:

    I want to have the wires soldered to the power switch because I don't want the hassle of the wake-up and hibernate nonsense. I want my unit to power on and shut off as soon as I hit the power on button on my remote start, or turn the key when I arrive to my destinations. I guess I just don't understand the process, and I don't know which wires out of the PSU (which is the P2140) need to be soldered onto the power switch. I have a friend who would be doing the soldering for me, but he just needs to know what goes with what and what goes where, lol.

    Sorry, I know this sounds very broad, but if you need to know more you can ask me other questions and I can get the answers from him.

    I started my research here:

    When I asked my friend if that would solve the problem, he told me that the power button worked off different outputs, and it wasnt related.

    I also found a bit more information here:

    That gave him the information about the positive and negative leads, but we're still missing the bit on how to exactly set it up, I guess.

    All I need to know is what wires out of the PSU get soldered onto the main board. Any help putting all the pieces of this together would be great. Thanks.
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    so you/your friend are all squared away with getting power to the board, you just need help with soldering to the power switch right?

    the power solution you bought is a cable with a removable adapter:

    is the female 3.5mm connector that came with the kit a stereo, or mono connector(stereo has 3 connections, mono has 2 connections-- i can't tell by the mp3car pic)?

    and on the other end-- the male 3.5mm adapter-- is that hardwired into the power supply, and/or can you tell which wires are connected to which parts of the 2140 power button leads?
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