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  • Quick Voltage Question

    I picked up the P2140 and it has
    "Jumper selectable main output of +12V/+18.5V/+20V"
    My PC came with a power adapter putting out 19V, so I know I want to emulate the output of the OEM AC adapter, but is it better to go -0.5v or +1.0v on voltage?

    It does say on the Carnetix website that it is well-suited for 19v systems, but I know setting the wrong voltage can be a problem.

    Thanks, in advance, for the help, guys.

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    I've used both before without issues, but lately I've been using the +20v
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      I also have a 19V system, though I'm not using Carnetix - I have a DCDC-USB. I think either will work just fine, primarily because the system still converts the input 19V to 12V, 5V, 3.3V and 1.3V - those voltages are all needed for computers and peripherals. In other words, there's another voltage regulator in your computer (it's probably a nettop or similar, right?) and I don't think that regulator cares that much if the input is within +/- 1V.
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        Awesome! Thank you, the further separation of differing voltages didn't even occur to me. That makes sense.

        Yes, the computer I'm using is a Zotac ZBOX, with 6 USB ports.

        I'll use the 20v setting for the pc and 12v for the monitor. It really feels like this psu was created for this exact setup.

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