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M2-ATX - Alternate PCB or Chinese Copy?

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  • M2-ATX - Alternate PCB or Chinese Copy?

    I've just been poking around looking at my options for sourcing an M2-ATX (they're bloody hard to find from suppliers in Australia), and came across something peculiar.

    Mini-Box show the M2-ATX on their website, so you can see the layout of the PCB.

    I've found a couple of listings on eBay. This one looks right:

    But this one looks suspect - the layout of the PCB looks quite different:

    Has the design of the M2-ATX changed? Or is this a chinese copy?


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    nope thats is not a chinese copy i belive if you look on the board it has the text, there is a deffernce between the M2-ATX and the M2-ATX-HV


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      You reckon? I think you've got it back to front. The one that I said looked alright certainly has Mini-box on the PCB. But the suspect unit has 'Made in China' in that location.

      I've looked a the M2-ATX-HV and the chip and capacitor layout is pretty close to the standard version.

      I still reckon that suspect unit isn't genuine. I've asked for links to the home page or the datasheet for the unit from the seller.



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        ok maybe i did look at the wrong picture yer i would suspect this is not genuine


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          I thought I'd put pics here for the longevity of the thread.

          The top left is from the Mini-Box website. The top right is the genuine unit on eBay.

          The bottom two are the suspected 'clones' on eBay.

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            And this the Mini-box reference M2-ATX-HV.

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              Wow. M2ATX knockoffs...

              The first thing that I see about the suspected "clones" is that they don't have an onboard fuse. That right there would tip me off and send me running away to a reputable vendor.
              There are some other differences in the components that may or may not be a big deal as far as operation or functionality...

              Also, I'm wondering what the 6-pin power connector is supposed to be for... 4-pin aux power for the motherboard and an extra +12v & GND line?
              A PCI-E power connector? Frankly, if your system is powerful enough to require a PCI-E power connector, an M2ATX probably isn't going to do you much good.

              After looking at the link, I see that's where the HDD power comes from.

              And the EBay listing includes this:
              Attention Patent & Trademark Owner!

              Please be informed that Virtual Village has a very firm policy of sourcing only genuine products.

              If you feel any of our products violate your Trademark, Design, or Patent Rights please contact us immediately and we will instantly remove any offending listing pending further discussions.

              We guarantee to respond to any email sent to [email protected] within 24 hours seven days a week.
              I think they ought to know....
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

              Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                Having someone else with a 160W DC-DC intelligent power supply is not such a bad thing.

                Having some company so blatantly knock off an M2-ATX, and sell it to me as if it WAS an M2-ATX, is what's upsetting. Especially given that it's sold at the same price (I know the Chinese have a reputation for dirt-cheapness, so there'd be a tidy margin there for someone.)

                Sell it to me as a Doofus-Mc-Hookumstrausen-5000 and I'd be none the wiser. That is, of course, if this is non genuine (not sure if we've fully established that 100%).

                The Chinese have an awesome education system, have some brilliant people, and produce world class product. It's just a pity stuff like this happens (allegedly).



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                  That is a power supply made by a Chinese company. But what isn't made in China these days? The M2's are! It all comes down to the quality of the parts used in the assembly.
                  This PSU is very similar to the M2, but the firmware is way different. It is still a very good power supply. We have used them in the past for a custom job. They worked well.
                  They are actually fused, it just isnt a replaceable blade fuse. They have a 15 amp fuse soldered directly to the board and the line set that the company sells as a supplemental product to that PSU has an inline fuse. Even Andrei ( the designer of the M2) will admit that if you blow the onboard fuse of the M2 you have probably damaged the M2 in some way. The fuse on the PSU is not actually there to protect the PSU but the rest of the hardware connected to the PSU.
                  The main draw back for most users is that the PCB layout for this PSU has 4 holes (one on each corner) for mounting the PSU to the chassis. The M1/2's have just 2 holes in the middle of the PCB for mounting. This PSU is not compatible with most cases for that reason.
                  It should be noted that the company that manufactures these power supplies does not sell them as M2 knock off's. Its not a knock off if the PCB layout is totally different. They simply sell it as a 160W automotive grade PSU (which it is). It is the reseller on Ebay that is tying it to the M2! That just tells you what kind of seller they are.


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                    Thankyou very much for clearing that up, that was awesome.

                    Is there a website or source of technical information for that particular product that you know of?



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                      I know I have it at my office. I will dig it up and post it for everyone


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                        I emailed the seller for some technical information regarding the current supply on the 5V rail (I need 7 to 8A continuous with bursts for up to 10A), and the available startup/shutdown settings of the unit - and they responded by telling me that all the information they had was already in the listing and that they couldn't help me!

                        That's nuts. You couldn't buy it even if you wanted to without knowing what it can do.



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                          Some interesting finds:

                          Shenzhen Krem Mechanical & Electrical Material Co., Ltd.

                          ShenZhen Hoply Technology Co. ,Ltd (China's!)






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                            Interestingly, from the Hoply website, it's the 100W IPC PSU that appears to look the most like that unit being sold on eBay, although it doesn't have the 6-pin P4 header.


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                              Here is the users guide
                              and the jumper pin out