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M2-ATX w/ car sound system: schematic questions

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  • M2-ATX w/ car sound system: schematic questions

    Hi guys,

    Long time reader, first time poster. Decided to get my carputer project underway, currently have the pc fully assembled (w/ an M2-ATX), and have much of the sound system parts from my previous install (going to port it to the new car).

    Got a few questions regarding the powering of the whole system, as having two discrete power systems (car power and regulated 12v) is confusing me a bit.

    Pictured below is my power schematic, so you can see what I'm thinking of:

    (ignore any model numbers and/or gauges, they're just for planning purposes)

    My questions are these:
    - Will feeding the M2-ATX remote wire into the amps remote-in (as per diagram) cause any issues?
    - Using the remote lead from the M2-ATX through some relays to switch some external low-power components- should this terminate at the M2-ATX's negative/ground terminal, as in the diagram?
    - If for some reason I have the Valet switch set to Always-On as per the diagram, could the voltage fluctuations during ignition cause an issue for the M2-ATX's remote-in if I were to start the car?

    I apologise if some of these are dumb, it's been a long while since I've worked with car electronics so I'm trying to get things as clear and planned-out as I can before starting the trunk install so I don't have to spend more $$$