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M2-atx powers mobo when gets unswitched power

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  • M2-atx powers mobo when gets unswitched power

    My m2-atx switches on the motherboard immediately when i give it unswitched juice, even if the J2 is disconnected from M2-ATX altogether. Does this in both the bench testing and in the car.

    Is the m2-atx dead?

    J1 is connected straight to the battery.
    j2 is connected to the ACC wire from the OEM harness - verified that it's switched.
    J3 is connected to GRND from the OEM harness.

    for testing purposes, i've tried it without J2 - still turns on the motherboard.
    then i tried putting the unswitched juice to J2 only - nothing

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    Is the M2 in dumb mode?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Yeah...check your j10 jumper setting. You may be in P0 mode (dumb mode) with no jumpers.

      Originally posted by M2-ATX manual
      P0: In this mode, the M2-ATX behaves like a regular ATX power supply. If J6 is connected to the motherboard, M2-ATX will also send a gratuitous "ON pulse" to the motherboard right after power is first applied. If IGNITION is connected to the battery, the unit will shut down if battery is < 11.2V. This is to protect the battery from over-discharging. If Ignition is not hooked up, M2-ATX will operate from as low as 6V. For more information, please consult the "UPS mode" documentation on the product page.


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        M2 in dumb mode

        so if there are not jumpers, then it's supposed to work like that?

        should i use the recommended (P1, i think) for it to work like a true controller? that is to turn the MB on only when IGN is present?


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          apparently it was I who was in the "dumb" mode.

          hope to come out of it soon.

          thanks guys.