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M2-ATX works as regular PSU (P0) only

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  • M2-ATX works as regular PSU (P0) only

    I just bought a brand-new M2-ATX. However, it works only in P0 mode i.e. when M2-ATX works as a regular PSU. I searched the forum but haven't found a solution for this issue.

    The setup is correct:

    J1 is connected to +
    J4 is connected to the ground wire
    J3 is connected to + through a switch immitating ACC function
    J8 is connected to the power switch jumper on the motherboard (Zotac 630i)
    J9 is connected to the power on button of the case

    When M2-ATX is in the P0 mode it works fine - the motherboard starts up. The power button turns the PC on and off

    When the PSU is in P1 or P2 mode and ACC is switched on - nothing happens. Neither the power on button works. I tried both positions of J8 plug - no impact on behavior.

    Does anybody had such issue? I would rather solve the problem by myself because getting a replacement is going to take a month (I live outside of the US)

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    Try reversing the polarity of the lead from J8.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      As I said I tried both positions of J8 already. It's not the reason. If J8 were placed incorrectly the motheboard wouldn't start in P0 mode when Power On button is pressed on the case. So probably the reason is not J8. And I checked the voltage on J3 - it's 12v. So J3 is not the rootcause as well


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        I am having this exact same problem. Anyone ever find a solution?


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          did this get resolved? I have same prob.


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            It was resolved by sending back to the shop and getting a replacement


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              Thought so, thanks. put in RMA request 3 days ago and sent email with no reply.