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M2 ATX no power to 5V and 3.3V rail?

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  • M2 ATX no power to 5V and 3.3V rail?

    anybody know how to fix this? i got a m2-ATX that ran fine when i took it out, but i went and hooked up my recently formatted HD, plugged in the hard drive, and then....

    the LED indicating my 5V rail is working (this is what i have:

    lit briefly and then shut off, and the computer failed to boot at all....the heatsink fan spins up, but that's about it. no POST beeps, the screen just says "no input" ....

    so i tested my molex connector, and i get no 5V....

    my computer won't boot without 5v to the mobo, right?

    also, this thing worked fine before, so maybe im missing something? i find it hard to believe i fried something, there's nothing obvious, so hopefully i can get it fixed.

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    guys, my RAM was no good, and that was causing the 5V rail not to show up, replaced the ram and it was fine....