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m2 powersupply and asus itx mobo - extra pins on connector?

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  • m2 powersupply and asus itx mobo - extra pins on connector?

    so on the mobo where you plug the power connector in it has 4 more pins than what come off of the m2 power supply.

    is this normal? i just connect the cable the only way it can connect and the 4 remaining pins on the connector on the mobo just remain unplugged?

    just want to make sure and not damage anything.

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    Yeah, this is normal. Your mobo has a 24-pin port on it, and the M2 only has a 20 pin cable. The connector should only fit in one way, and then leave the other 4 pins un-connected. It should still work, if it doesn't, well then you will need to find a 24-pin psu (but you wont damage anything finding out).
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      thanks for the reply.
      makes me feel better there wont be a small explosion when I turn the unit on
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        You can also get a 20-to-24pin adapter.
        It's a less pricey option than a new PSU.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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