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Need to confirm.. Powering my LCD via M2-ITX

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  • Need to confirm.. Powering my LCD via M2-ITX

    I am getting a lot of interferance on my LCD screen when its wired direct into the car and i also get problems with the screen failing to start when i crank the engine -it just sits there flickering.
    I was thinking about powering the LCD from the M2-ATX psu in the pc so then the screen has a regulated current and cranking protection. To do this i was going to take a +12v and 0v from one of the 4-wire IDE molex power cables -just like when you tap into, to power a CPU fan etc.

    The screen is a Dynamix 8" LCD (same as Tview?).

    Just need to confirm that this idea will be ok?

    And while im here, I also installed a slimline PS2 which works fine but dies if you crank the engine. it uses a cig lighter dc~dc psu. could i also wire this into the M2-ATX -obv keeping the ps2 PSU in place as it runs on 6v. Or will this and the LCD start drawing a few more watts than the M2-ATX can handle?

    Thanks for the help

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    I'm powering my Lilliput EBY701 from my M2-ATX, by splicing into the 4 pin "P4 12v" cable that is normally used for powering a CPU (my ION mobo doesn't have that connector) and it works fine.

    I want to say that each side of the Pentium 4 connector supports 8 amps, but that's from memory. Anyhow, the 701 uses 9 watts of power, according to the specs, which is only 0.75 amps (watts/volts = amps), so that's not much power draw at all.

    A 4 pin Molex power connector can handle 5A, so that should be more than enough for a small monitor. After looking around, I think a Dynamix 805 monitor pulls 1.2A, so you should be golden.

    As to whether you can also power your PS2 off of it as well..not sure. I guess it all depends on how much draw your computer itself is taking, but if you're using an Atom processor or something, my gut reaction would be that it would be fine. According to this page: the adapter they are selling pulls 4.5A, so you may want to tap into the P4 connector like I did just to make sure you have some headroom.


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      Thanks for the help mate. Hopefully this should sort out my interference too as its the only thing letting the screen down at the moment.

      Does the m2-atx have a pentium 4 connector? Could you confirm which wires i am supposed to splice into on both the pentium 4 connector and the standard IDE molex plug as i dont want to get it wrong -already killed an m1-atx as i spliced into the molex cable and accidentally crossed the wires without realising i had it plugged in to the power source!

      Thanks for the help mate.


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        Take a look at the M2-ATX manual, and you can find the P4 connector labeled as J2:

        I had purchased a P4 connector (something like this: and plugged that into the J2 spot on the M2-ATX, ran it to the outside of the computer case, and then connected my monitor to that. There are 4 wires on the P4 connector, two 12v connections (usually yellow) and 2 ground connections (usually black). I hooked up my Lilliput to one of the 12v yellow connections for power and one of the black wires for perfect.